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Minimize wasting of your time and money.

A growing business necessitates staffing, which any company is likely to encounter. We are ready and can provide services for the search and selection of employees, as well as consulting services for effective personnel management, which allows us to minimize costs, increase profits, loyalty of business partners, and maintain leading positions in the market.


  • search and assessment of candidates.
  • HR audit or staff assessment;
  • coaching company executives;
  • building personnel management systems;
  • job description and ranking;
  • design of the organizational structure of the company;
  • organizational development of the company.

Work technology

The active interaction of the consultant and the client at all stages of the project, from the moment of the first call to the final handshake, allows you to get the desired result in the optimal time.

Further interaction will include the following steps:

  • discussion of customer needs and conditions of cooperation;
  • client consultation on issues related to the vacancy (determination of customer needs, analysis of the position and requirements for the candidate);
  • collecting analytical information from the labor market;
  • compilation of a commercial offer;
  • coordination and approval of the proposal, signing of the contract;
  • search and assessment of candidates.

Resources for finding candidates:

  • own database (more than 100,000 CVs of applicants);
  • specialized internet sites;
  • social networks;
  • industry internet conferences and forums;
  • interactive web-server, on which more than 12,000 visits are registered monthly;
  • industry exhibitions;
  • MBA association of graduates
  • recommendations from clients and candidates;
  • direct search among working professionals.

Candidate evaluation methods:

  • competency interviews;
  • situational interview;
  • biographical interview;
  • professional tests;
  • personality questionnaires;
  • collecting recommendations for candidates from previous jobs;
  • providing a summary of the most suitable candidates with detailed comments;
  • discussion of candidates' CV with a client;
  • organization of interviews of selected candidates in the client's company;
  • presentation of candidates to the Client;
  • customer selection of the final candidate;
  • assistance to the client in drawing up a proposal for the final candidate to work;
  • coordination of the procedure for the final candidate to come to work;
  • regular contact with the client and the candidate during the warranty period;
  • subsequent consultation of the client on the selection, adaptation and assessment of personnel.

In addition to the above, the staff of the analytical department will conduct a study of the availability of interesting candidates using direct connections and Personall contacts in this industry.

Benefits of working with Personall

  • during our work we have closed more than 15,000 vacancies at our clients’ companies in Bratislava, cities in Slovakia and neighboring countries;
  • every month we close more than 100 vacancies of specialists and managers;
  • more than 400 vacancies of our clients are regularly in work;
  • regularly, employees of the customer service department assess the quality of the project and the degree of satisfaction with the services of our customers;
  • the work of project teams is carried out according to specializations in various business sectors;
  • project team leaders - experts and recruiters with extensive experience working with staff;
  • daily, our recruiters monitor the market for candidates to search for the most professional specialists and managers;
  • 80% of the total number of our staff recruitment orders is made up of repeated requests from our clients, as well as requests based on their recommendations.

For us, transparency in the processes of interaction with clients and candidates, technological effectiveness and efficiency of work on each vacancy, and the speed of accomplishing tasks are of value.


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