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Recruitment agency Personall

Founded in 01.01.2013

Mission of the company

Human resource is the main capital of a business. Its effectiveness is the key to success and prosperity in the market. Our mission is to create unique information and consulting support in the field of personnel management for maximum human resource efficiency in the labor market, establish a dialogue between the employer and the hired worker, and bring labor relations to a fundamentally new level of long-term and mutually beneficial partnership. (Dialogue is a mutually beneficial partnership).

Company goal

Your success is our success! We promote the development and the prosperity of our customers business by introduction of comprehensive human resources management programs. Our main strategic goal is maximum effiiciency with the expected result, aimed at achieving the goals of our Customers.

Company values

Efficiency - ensuring faster or higher than expected growth in services. Customer focus - awareness of their dependence on the client base, care about its interests:

  • satisfaction of existing demand;
  • the inspiration of demand growth;
  • making of competitive advantages for priority customer groups
  • the formation of demand for new services.

The strategicity is long-term orientation, the ability to subordinate to her current activities. The business growth - building up of indicators and territorial expansion of the business.

Our clients

Our customers are primarily partners for us. Fulfilling our obligations to customers, we are well aware that without mutual trust strategic partnership is impossible. It is the trust of our customers that allows us to achieve complete mutual understanding and build long-term relationships. Step by step, result by result, we are approaching a common goal. Feeling a legitimate sense of satisfaction and pride in what we have already managed to do, we regard cooperation with each new client as a chance to find a unique solution. Thus, the next victory of the client, a new peak in its development at the same time becomes our victory and an incentive to move forward. The growth and success of our customers is the growth and success of Personall.


  • Over 3000 CVs of applicants come to us in different ways
  • Over 100 jobseekers
    are interviewed in our office
  • Over 100 orders staff recruitment performed